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With years of confident knowledge and a direct, “matter-of-fact” style of communication, Rodger is able to passionately share the past and current state of the market in North Carolina, pass along critical information to prepare you for the challenge of the licensing exam and prepare you for a career in the real estate industry.

His calm yet edgy tone kept my interest in the information and allowed me to retain it in a manner that was extremely beneficial to my time in his class. I can’t help but highly recommend him to anyone who is considering investing their time and money in this course.

-Joe Wallis

Rodger was a great teacher that truly cared about the class. He has 30+ years experience and uses that to improve understanding of the material. I would absolutely recommend him and this school to anyone interested in a career in real estate!

-Jackie Jones

You just gotta love Rodger! He’s a very personal person to get to know and learn from. He has a vast array of knowledge and life experiences that translate into his teaching of real estate. I’ve learned a lot from him and will continue to seek his advice and knowledge. He truly cares about the people who work for him and his students! 

-Sean Markeson

Rodger is an excellent teacher!! His classes are interesting and informative.

-Lois Hutchins

I would like to say thank you to Rodger for doing a great job as my real estate pre-licensing instructor. He truly loves what he does and it shows in his class room. I have taken the class under a different instructor and failed, the material wasn't known as well as Rodger knows it. His knowledge and years of experience make the world of a difference. I would recommend his class to anyone and will be taking classes in the future with him.

-Daniel Locke

I've taken this 75 hour course with another instructor here in town and was completely lost at the end. Mr. Rodger has mastered teaching this material through decades of experience. He gave us quizzes at the end of each chapter and a practice exam before the final to let us know exactly what to  brush up on. Even after passing the class he's invited us all to use his study materials for the state and national exam! I recommend him 100 times over!!!

-Ayla Huie

Rodger is an excellent Real Estate teacher with more than enough experience in the field to intelligently teach his students. Rodger's approach to teaching is by way of in-depth discussions that are sure to help you learn. No reading straight from the book and no boring power points. Rodgers 40+ years of experience in the field help him prepare his students to not only pass the pre-licensing course or pass the licensing exam, but to help build a foundation in which every prospective real estate agent needs to grow on. Would highly recommend.

-Benjamin Fischer

Rodger is an excellent instructor, using his vast expertise in the field to explain and ensure that the students understand the concepts. Rodger takes the time to explain the concepts and when there is confusion ensures everyone understands before moving foward. Rodger takes pride in success for his students. I Highly recommended Rodger and the school as the learning platform to gain the needed knowledge to start a rewarding career.

-John Flemming

I thoroughly enjoyed taking my pre-licensing class with Rodger! He made the class very interesting! I feel like I am well prepared for the test and would recommend him to anyone in the area who wants to begin a career in real estate!

-Stephanie McGee

Rodger is a fantastic instructor, he is very knowledgeable, patient, who cares about the success of his students. He take the time to explain in detail the topics and material. I would highly recommend Rodger to anyone seeking education in real estate.

-Kristen LeWay

Rodger is an amazing teacher. You can tell how passionate he is, not only about real estate, but about his student's success. He truly cares about his students and our understanding of each topic. I would highly recommend him!

-Nanci Rutzinski

Rodger is an amazing teacher you can tell he loves his job he takes the time to explain things in a way so everyone can understand I highly recommend getting in contact with him if real estate is something you are interested in.

-Joelle Gottberg

Mr. Rodger was a fantastic instructor and all around a fantastic guy! He has such a passion for real estate and teaching. He is the absolute first person I’d recommend to anyone looking to take the prelicensing course! He has answered every question I’ve had, including all the times I’ve called him! As long as you want it, he is willing to work with you in any way he can to get you to that next step!

-Katlyn Anhorn